RURAL – Sometimes it is just the geographies but there are times when one is dealing with the mindset. As the comprehension of communication is dependent on the level of exposure the target group has, it often calls for a deeper understanding to reach out the wider population. To set up a two way communication process is the domain we have been into.

URBAN – Urban consumer is evolved by nature. He is a shopper and not a buyer. Buying is highly influenced by the touch and feel the brand offers at the point of sale or at the congregation where they have mental and physical time. Packed in style and packaged with brand values urban communication is different than the regular noise.

SOCIAL – Developmental sector talks of behavioral change. Life has been tradition driven for most of the people. Building from no relevance of the product and services, providing information for habit formation is a difficult and time taking task. Communication wrapped in the social values yet defining the way to healthy and better living is the task undertaken by us. Social and developmental communication has a flavor of its own. Soaked in the fact that it is the only thing which we can return to our society.