EVENT – We do events like Meets, Launch, In Mall, In Shop, Infotainment Shows, Mela Participation and various other types. Fairs and festivals are part of Indian culture. As always these congregations has been used by the marketers to sell their product. Build association with their consumers. We have experience of working in some of the best known fairs of the country. We have also created events and managed them to suit brand needs in urban through variety of events.

TECHNICAL TRAINING – Training is part of one to one and one to many nature of business. When it comes to technical support services we have trained medical and Para-medical forces in huge numbers. On job training, filming procedural steps and imparting knowledge, we use communication skills to enhance the work output.

SOCIAL CAMPS – There are so many societies working for the betterment of the common mass of India. In deep interior, still there are mental blocks which results in misconceptions. We are here responsible for counseling, whether it is for Polio drop or MTP services. Contributions in overall uplifting of the society makes us feel proud.