PRODUCT – Brand or a product needs to get familiar or generate trial at the consumers’ end. A product promotion is like bringing news. News that is, relevant, interest worthy and approachable. Cashing at opportunity to spend time in bridging the gap between first purchase and awareness, we are reachable to our T.G. at their door step.

SERVICE – Task of bridging the gap gets more difficult when there is no physical product. To create an experience of service that the consumer will get only when he buys into it, is like creating and re-assuring an imaginary comfort. From phones to insurance to health care, services is new way of business.

TECHNOLOGY – Manuals are mandatory but selling technology needs on hand skill oriented selling. A beautiful song or a nice press ad can only get the brand message home but how technology will change the way business is done needs to be established. Selling technology by demonstration requires upgrading skill sets of communicator to the level of the user. Proudly we can claim to be pioneers in the non metro geographies under this application.